Friday, October 20, 2017


That’s right, black is back. Well I guess for most people the colour black didn’t really go anywhere and what I mean is that black is back for me in my closet and in my daily outfits.

See, I always liked black and I always incorporated it in my outfits, nevertheless I never really wore black by itself as I thought it would be ‘too much’. 
As time passed and I ran out of time every morning, I started wearing all black outfits more often until one day I realized how nice it actually looks. Another self-taught argument was that, black colour does not suits blondes, which is the pinnacle of ridiculous as it actually really compliments blondes (just like red). 

Black is not only gorgeous on blondes, but frankly on anyone. It is a basic colour that is extremely versatile. For instance black can be very classy and mysterious. At the same time you can rock a very edgy badass look. Black is a very flexible colour that permits you to play with it as you desire. Additionally, it suits and compliments every body type (it actually makes you look skinnier).

In today’s look, I am wearing a turtleneck sweater from Hallhuber and some pants from Zara. I decided to pair this classic and simple look with Adidas sneakers to give a relaxed touch to the look. 

Until next time,

x, Lisa


Sunday, August 27, 2017


FABRIC - Your number one priority

After my last post about my addiction to the colour red and my new dress, I decided to follow up with a crucial part of my closet. Recently I talked about a minimalistic closet, covering the reasons and ways to achieve a perfect wardrobe.

Today, following that post I am going to talk about a major part of the minimalistic closet or even an ideal closet that you should strive for.

Fabric, fabric, fabric - why is it so important to have good fabric in your closet?

Ever since I was a child, my mother always insisted on good quality fabric. As a child, I never understood why I couldn’t have the t-shirt that I wanted and why fabric played such a major role in our lives. I remember arguing with my mother and insisting that I didn’t care about the fabric and that she was just bringing that argument to annoy me.

Today, I understand why my mother was so strict and believe that she is the reason I pay careful attention to it and this is why:

1.          Your health is your priority!

It is commonly known, that a lot of fabrics are treated chemically and therefore can negatively affect your health as well as the health of the planet. Many scientific studies show, that toxic fibres can lead to diseases such as cancer, hormonal dysfunction and much more.

Why is that, you might wonder?

Many fibres go through a toxic process, which includes bleaching for example. Would you pour bleach and other chemicals on your body? So why are you still wearing them?

2.          Quality and longevity

If you desire to build a durable, practical and some sort of minimalistic closet, filled with pieces that are of high quality (you should most definitely read my recent post, in which I talk about a minimalistic way of living and also), you should invest in the quality of your clothes.

A good, natural fabric will last you way longer than a synthetic one. The fabric will remain the same no matter if you washed it once or 560 times. A synthetic fabric, on the other hand, will shortly tear apart or just lose its colour, shape and its initial look.  Furthermore, cheap synthetic fabrics look cheap - sorry to break it to you, but that’s the truth.

Yes, I understand. Natural fibres can be more expensive and it is harder to find them, but honestly, you are wearing them on your body (of which you only have one) and if you want to look nice, invest in something nice, makes sense right?
This argument brings me back to my post about the minimalistic closet - Less is more. In the end, you are the one to decide, but personally, I rather have items that will last me a lifetime and look nice AND don’t cause my body any harm than risk my health.

Finally, hoarding toxic fibres also damage the environment, as you have to repurchase your damaged low-quality items.

What is 'good fabric' and what do I have to look out for?

1.          ‚Good fabric‘ is traditionally characterized by natural fibres such as cotton, wool as well as angora. It is derived from natural sources such as plants and obviously, is healthier for your body than any other type of fabric. Also, natural fibres have a tendency to be more durable, which is a big advantage, right?

2.          Make sure to avoid synthetic fibres such as polyester, rayon and viscose! These fibres are not produced naturally and contain a lot of chemicals as well as toxic elements. It is extremely harmful to your body as with time it absorbs the waste and toxins. Also, certain fabrics that are not natural do not permit you to sweat properly, which can also be a major issue.

To find out what fabric your clothing is made of, you just have to read the tag on the clothing, as easy as that. Often clothes have a blend of different fabric, which makes it harder to find something that is 100% cotton for example. In that case, make sure that the % of the natural fibres is higher than the % of the synthetics.

To conclude, I am not forcing you to change your wardrobe or only buy 100% natural fibres. You have the power to do whatever you want to do and no one is going to judge you, you do you! My goal is to inspire people as well as stay aware of what we consume, buy and put on our bodies.

xx Lisa


Thursday, August 17, 2017


As a blonde girl myself, I find that red color compliments me a lot. So since I figured that out, I decided to go all red - ALL THE TIME.

It came to the point, that red lipstick became my signature color (namely my all time favorite 'Ruby Woo' by MAC). Honestly, to all the blondies out there: if you haven't tried red color on yourself, go for it! I swear, it will change your life. In an upcoming post, I will show you how to wear, combine and incorporate red into your closet and outfits. 

Frankly, I believe that every girl should have a red statement dress, which you wear on special occasions that will blow everyone away. Just imagine yourself rocking that gorgeous dress that will make you the most beautiful, fierce and powerful woman ever seen! Red color is associated not only with fire or blood but also with power, determination, danger, strength,  and most importantly, confidence!

Today, I am going to share my new favorite red dress, which makes me feel extremely confident and beautiful. 

Recently, I discovered a new shop in Luxembourg, which opened in the city center of Luxembourg only a few months ago. The boutique is called Claudie Pierlot and it is situated at the rue Philippe II in Luxembourg city.

The dress itself is called RHODES and it has a skater skirt paired with a lace top. The back of the dress is open, which means that you have to work those back muscles! In addition, it has a round neck and 3/4 length sleeves. 

With the dress, I am wearing nude heels, a red lip and a clutch by Louis Vuitton. 

This beautiful dress is not exclusive for an elegant night out, but can also be paired with a leather or jeans jacket and casual heels to make it look more 'simple' or casual. The dress allows you to wear it both day and night on a various range of occasions. 

I wore this dress in Barcelona for a romantic date with my boyfriend (who also gets all the credit for the pictures). It went perfectly with our dinner date, as well as the fancy party at the W Hotel in Barcelona. 


Dress - RHODES by Claudie Pierlot
Shoes - Andrea Pinto 
Clutch - Louis Vuitton


Thursday, July 27, 2017


As we grow older, we naturally plan our lives according to our personal path of life. Some of us write bucket lists, some a 5-year plan, but why is it so important to have a plan in life?

Personally, I don't believe so much in precise, well-built life plans just because our lives can be so random and unpredictable, that you can't foreshadow everything that might come your way. However, what I do believe in is a list, some sort of bucket list that has all of your goals, your dreams, wishes, and challenges.


You might wonder, what exactly is the point of having a bucket list? It seems so trivial and stupid, nothing worth taking seriously.

Well, not exactly. Studies have shown that bucket lists are very important not only to help manage time and money but also raise your self-esteem and ambition as it makes you believe that you and only you hold the power to achieve all your goals.


Writing a bucket list (or actually any sort of list), will help you remain (or become) organized. The fact that you are writing your plans down (for example if you have a weekly to-do or bucket list) is going to visually help you understand what has to be accomplished. The next step is to figure out how or when your plans are going to happen.


Not only will a list help you become and stay organized, but it also contributes to your time and money management skills.

Having a plan of what you really want or what you really have to do, will lead having to manage your time (to fit your plans in your schedule) as well as money. For example some projects on your bucket list, are going to require your financial engagement. Naturally, if you don't want to be in debt for the rest of your life, you will have to save some money up, and manage the expenses well.

Furthermore, bucket lists are going to help you stay realistic and have some sense of measure. As I explained before, most plans and projects require money, so you still have to remain reasonable (at least a little bit).


When you decide to finally sit down and write a bucket list, you will be confronted with one main question "What do I want?". Sounds relatively simple, but there is more to it.

Five minutes into sitting down and gazing through the window while thinking about the fries you really wanted last night, you will realize, that this was never just about the fries. Actually thinking about what you want, will lead you to think about what you want to achieve in life, what you would like to do and see. Soon enough you will sit in front of a handcrafted list of your future accomplishments.


Your personalized list is going to help you to stay motivated as it displays your dreams and wishes that have to be accomplished. Yes, it might be a long and difficult path to reach your goal, but it is worth it.
Having a visual of what you want and have to achieve will also help you be successful, ambitious and motivated. PRO TIP: Keep your list where you can see it, just to remember why you are doing what you're doing and always having a visual of your goals. Some people like to keep it even more visual by making a collage of what you want.
It is also very important to include rather "small" goals, just to keep you motivated throughout the process. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a check mark next to an accomplished goal!


Last but most certainly not least, a bucket list is going to increase your self esteem as well as your self accomplishment, as you will always remain aware of where you stand and what you've done, whereas without a list you might have accomplished several things but you are not going to remember precisely what, when and how much it was.

xx Lisa