Thursday, November 5, 2015

Let's Be Game Changers - ESSENA O'NEILL

So this is hot stuff, Essena O'Neill, a 19-year-old model decides to quit Social Media and raises awareness about it. Essena, deleted all of her social media accounts and now only works on her website As the name already states, she 'warns' people about social media and explains how everything we see is basically an illusion. I'll post a few pictures below just so you can understand and get a visual of what I mean. By the way, I checked her website out and it is very interesting. She talks about different topics such as 'game changing stuff' including interviews, documentaries, books, music and more. There is also something similar to the pictures I posted below: So the rubric is called 'behind the image' and she basically posts a picture of herself and tells the backstory of it, which is not as beautiful as the picture itself.

Do you see what I mean? Well yeah, this is new and revolutionary. But keep in mind, Essena is only 19 years old! She became a model at a very young age and I think that all the fame struck her at one point and she had a major breakdown. I am not saying that everything will change to the way it was because let's be honest it is a great mindset and everything, but this is applicable to her situation and her lifestyle. Not everyone is obsessed with social media and attention, right? In my opinion, banning social media is great, for her, but not for me for example. I am not spending my whole life on social media and craving the attention of other people, I do it for fun and for myself after all. 

Other than that, I am not going to express my opinion toward this topic, watch the video and see for yourself. The video Essena recorded is educational and made me think to be honest. I get her point of view and I support her decision. For a 19-year-old she seems to be very mature and it is clear that all of the fame made her go crazy.

I hope that she is happy with her decision and that her family and friends support her. Thank you Essena for raising awareness and being your true self. I hope that you find peace and recover as soon as possible. 

If you want to learn more about the topic I recommend you to listen to my dear friend Nicole. She recorded a podcast about awareness of social media and how to be a conscious user. In addition, you can listen to beautiful and inspiring music and learn something new. 

Love, Lisa xx


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