Saturday, November 7, 2015

staying true to yourself - SPEAK UP!

There are some things I think about on daily basis, and this in one of them. Staying true to yourself, wow what a powerful title but at the same time: What do you mean, Lisa? Staying true to yourself can mean a thousand things.

Today I am going to talk about self-delusion, especially what concerns friendship and people around you. A lot of you probably still do not know what I mean, but don't worry, I am going to explain it in a second. 

Here is an example: Can you think of a person who just tries to fit in? No matter where, just fit in. Maybe that person is friends with people that it does not really want to be friends with or just is surrounded by negative people with negative energy? I don't know, you tell me. Maybe that person is you? Maybe it is me? Who knows? Only you know.

I see people like this every single day and it breaks my heart. Because I recall how I tried to fit in, I wanted to have friends and I wanted attention, not much just a little. I wanted to be heard and seen, I wanted to be a part of something, but I always felt left out, and I was surrounded by people I didn't want to be surrounded by. I just felt out of place, just wrong. It just destroyed me inside. 

But I realized at a very young age, that all of this does not matter. The only thing that does matter is me, my happiness and my well-being. Only I will take care of myself because only I care about that. And you know what? It was the best realization of my life. I do not need 100 friends who won't care about me and won't respect and support me. I DO NOT NEED THAT. I do not need to pretend to like somebody just so I won't be alone at lunch and you know why? I much rather be honest to myself and respect myself enough to know that people like that are shit. Shit on my soul, shit in my brain and shit in my heart. Do I need that? HELL NO.

You know what? Surround yourself with positive people who will truly care about you. And if anything bothers you, just address the problem instead of hiding behind the curtains and hoping that the problem will solve itself. It will not, okay? If you want it to be solved, get your shit together and solve it yourself. Talk to people, do not hide your feelings. Talk directly to the person without any hints, just raw talk like back in the day. It works I promise, just don't lie to yourself because you WILL regret it later. Life is too short for unspoken words. 

Stay true to yourself. 
xx Lisa


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