Saturday, November 7, 2015


As I promised, today I am talking about my trip to Italy with my dear friend Nicole (shoutout to you Nicole aka Frentus aka Fish for being in almost every post of mine, love you). So this summer, end of summer actually (September to be exact) we went to the south of Italy together. 

This picture just resumes our criminal activity in Italy, we were so proud to eat some fruit for free. Btw, the lighting is just amazing, right? 

We stayed in Turi, which is a small town near Bari and if you are wondering why, well because of one simple reason: My family has an apartment there and they were staying in Turi as well. We visited the area around Turi and we had so much fun! We were real ass tourists when we were on our own and we didn't have WIFI so it was an amazing adventure just like back in the day. 

If you are wondering what cities we saw, I am just going to list them: Turi (no shit sherlock), Bari, Polignano a Mare, Alberobello, Pisticci (at the beach), Monopoli and some small cities around Turi.

We didn't really plan anything we just knew where we wanted to go and had a spontaneous trip I would say. To be honest, this spontaneousness made the whole trip really special because it was a real vacation we had and we didn't really know what would come next. 

I am not going to tell you something about every city because that might be boring, but I am going to tell you a few things that came across when we were in Italy. So first when we went to Polignano a Mare we were lucky enough to experience something really cool! You probably heard about the RedBull event things, you know like RedBull rampage, etc. So that day there was actually the RedBull Cliffdiving event! Well, not the event itself because it took place the next day, but they were training and it was sooooo cool! We could see the athletes and there was music, TV, everything! Basically the event but with fewer people.

This is the view from the bridge in Polignano a Mare, the weather was not the best, but the view is still breathtaking. There are some restaurants in the area and the view is just priceless. Imagine drinking a coffee and enjoying this scenery.

Moving on, our trip to Alberobello. Oh, Alberobello, you were so beautiful, but not only that.. Alberobello was our first trip alone and we didn't expect anything to happen that was out of order, but how could it not? We are talking about 2 catastrophes here! Well nothing bad happened (thank god) but we actually met a stranger and went to his house. Yes I know he could be a serial killer or whatever, but we are straight up gangsters and ninjas (no we are not, we are just two small dumb blond girls) so we agreed and visited his crib. He showed us around and it turned out that he was a nice guy who let us walk on his roof. As the end approached, he offered us a drink and since we love free stuff we said yes. Guys, he gave us some utterly disgusting rose liqueur and we drank that and pretended to love it. It actually tasted like rose deodorant or some other really strong disgusting rose smelling and tasting 'thing'. Other than that and having to wait for a train for an hour, there were no other mishaps and we came back home safe and sound! Oh and btw, when we returned to Turi we met an old American couple who were visiting Italy as well, shoutout to that cute couple!

This is the view from the rooftop of that guy that let us in his house. We basically walked around on rooftops.

And this picture is legendary just because we look good (arrogance on point) and because my bra is showing yaay. In addition, the picture was taken in the 'garden' of a stranger.

This was our amazing first destination and it does not stop there! As we were leaving, we decided to actually fulfill our dreams and not only plan a trip together but actually go somewhere together. So yeah, we picked our next destination (which will remain unknown for the public, for now) and planned our trip. We are leaving in December and we are staying there for New Year's Eve. Stay tuned because soon enough you will be a part of our adventures!

Well, that was a really short post about our adventure because there is so much more to say! In addition, I will insert a video, which I posted on instagram it resumes our stay in Italy, I hope you'll like it! 


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