Friday, February 24, 2017


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Or perhaps not as fancy, more like: iPhone, camera app, and trying-to-catch-the-moment-while-it-lasts!!

You guessed it, today I am going to talk a little bit about my experience with photography as well as what I use to take pictures (ok maybe we cleared that already). On a day-to-day basis, I really enjoy taking pictures and most of the people that surround me seem to be quite annoyed by it as my camera roll is full of food, landscapes and myself, yes I also enjoy taking pictures of myself – Indeed, I am THE famous selfie-queen.

Next to taking trivial pictures that I end up not liking and deleting I also have a lot of beautiful ones that really capture the moment. Maybe these particular pictures are not extremely special for most people, but for me they are and that’s the most important part of the whole experience. The pictures not only capture the beauty of a location or the atmosphere but most of all they have a secret hidden message that only I can see. It can convey whatever meaning you give to it, maybe it reminds you of a certain person or a moment or memory. Perhaps it reminds you of the conversation that you had that day or just simply sums up the entire trip you had in one single picture.

In order to live this adventurous and exciting life in which you capture your memories in pictures, you need the following: a camera. Personally, I use my iPhone 6s, which takes satisfying pictures as you can see however I was always aiming for something more, something compact but perhaps a REAL CAMERA. So here is where I got introduced to a fresh and new camera company called LIGHT and their brand new Light L16 Camera, which is a compact camera that makes an impressive use of multiple lens systems that captures photos and converts them into a high, DSLR-quality photo.

When I heard about the company as well as their project called Vantage Point, I was particularly intrigued not only by the project and the company but the camera itself. The size, the quality, and its abilities are just impressive.

As you can see I could not help myself but pick two of my favorite pictures ever. Both of them carry a special meaning for me and also create an immense contrast in every possible way.

The first picture was taken last summer in Lisbon on the ‘Ponte de 25 Abril’. This particular picture of the bridge captures all of the beautiful moments that I experienced in this city with which I completely fell in love. It is weird to assume that the bridge is a reminder of my trip, but it makes sense if I tell you that we lived on the other side of the bridge and had to cross it every day to see Lisbon and in that Particular moment I captured the way back home after a wonderful and successful day.

The second picture was taken in Moscow, Russia during Christmastime. I spent my holidays with my best friend discovering Moscow for the first time by ourselves. It was both dangerous and extremely beautiful, but what can I say we were living on the edge! Honestly, one of the best experiences of my entire life – literally life changing.

Personally, I think that it is very important to have a number of pictures with deep meaning that you keep close to your heart, pictures that you will, later on, share with your friends and family telling them the stories behind the pictures, besides it will also help you remember the stories or the moments you experienced when you're old and have a defective memory. Cheers!

xx Lisa



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