Wednesday, March 8, 2017

February Favorites

Hello guys! Time goes by so quickly and we have already completed the second month of the year. I really have the feeling that time goes by so quickly, perhaps its the age, that already shows its signs... Welcoming March, we are not only welcoming a new month but also the beginning of spring, and most importantly: International Women's day, which is on the 8th of March. Here, in Luxembourg this day was never really celebrated, however my mother (and our entire family) kept the tradition to celebrate this particular day and I think all of my Russian friends can relate to that. Nevertheless, I am going to talk about my favorites of the previous month.

I will most certainly begin with my all time favorite and not only of the month, but of my entire lifetime: Tea. I am a huge tea-drinker, and yes I am aware that I'm sort of contradicting myself by calling my blog 'Black Coffee', BUT tea has always been a rather big part of my life and routine. As a child I was used to drinking tea, because in Russian families the only thing you are allowed to drink is tea. Personally, I love drinking black tea or earl grey tea, however these past months, I discovered a new green tea in our local 'Russian Shop'. The tea itself is your basic average green tea, but with a twist of white peach and strawberries. Usually I don't like fruit-flavored tea, however this one does not taste like it at all. The brand of the tea is TESS and I've never seen it in any shop here in Luxembourg other than the Russian shop. 

In the beauty and make-up department, I've had a couple of favorites, that I have been using quite regularly. First of all, I've discovered two products by KAT VON D. Recently, the Sephora of Luxembourg started selling the products by KAT VON D and naturally I was obliged to try some of them out. So the first product I've been using, is the LOCK-IT foundation. It is a high coverage foundation and for now, I really like it. I can't really say anything more about it since I've been only trying it out for a few weeks. The second product that I've tested it the Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Lolita'. I can definitely confirm, that the lipstick is very long-lasting, does not feel heavy on the lips at all and in my opinion doesn't dry the lips out. Another monthly favorite (also an all time favorite) is MAC's 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick. I've been using this particular shade for probably a little less than a year and it is my favorite nude shade of all times. Already MAC's formula on their matte lipsticks is great, so nothing to complain there and the shade of the lipstick is perfect for an everyday use.

To conclude, I would like to share my two favorite songs of the month, which are both by Ed Sheeran. I guess that by now everyone is going crazy and experiencing a mental breakdown because of his new album, but I guess I'll talk about that next month. The songs I would like to talk about are 'Shape of You' (link to the song here) and 'Castle on the Hill' (link to the song here). Both came out at around the same time in January, but I've been obsessed ever since. When the songs came out without the video-clip I really liked 'Shape of You' more than 'Castle on the Hill', however after seeing the video-clips I started to prefer the song 'Castle on the Hill' as the video represented the context better.

I guess that would be it for my February favorites and now I can close this past chapter in peace and calmly enjoy the rest of this month.

Happy International women's day!

xx Lisa



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