About me

Hello! And welcome to my blog, a place where I share my thoughts feelings and talk about different things that come into my mind. 

My name is Lisa and I'm a  student who lives in Luxembourg. If you don't know Luxembourg it is a small country between Germany, France and Belgium. It is indeed tiny but awesome in its own way. I was born in Estonia however my roots are russian, so if you're wondering: yes I perfectly perform the infamous slav squat.

I enjoy reading, eating, drinking coffee, travelling, sleeping and procrastinating. I know I do sound like a useless potato and I kinda am, but I am trying my hardest to improve myself so bare with me!

My blog has no specific theme or category, so be prepared for chaos. If you want to get to know me even better you can visit my Tumblr, tsumakovadiary. You can also contact me at any time per e-mail tsumakova.lisa@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day! 
xx Lisa

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